Note from editor: Now accepting submissions for #4/Winter 2019, the Artwork issue. We will only consider artwork, photography, hybrids. Anything outside of these genres will be considered for the Summer, 2020 issue.

HRK publishes twice yearly; one Summer issue and one Winter issue. Although there are only two issues a year, submissions are open year-round. HRK is only interested in experimental/non-linear (in content and form)  works that bend and twist, destroy, shock, titillate, provoke, omit, emit, radiate, arouse. If you think your work fits this aesthetic, send it over.


Submission Guidelines

Poetry:  Submit up to 5 pieces and a brief bio in one word attachment. Specify 'poetry submission/last name' for both email header and word.doc attachment. Include an artist's headshot (or object of your choosing).

Artwork: Submit up to 5 images in jpg. Specify 'artwork submission/last name' in the email header. In the body of the email, give the title(s) of artwork included in exactly the order they are displayed. Also include a bio and headshot.

Hybrid Forms: Anything that does not clearly fit into any of the categories listed above, submit as this. 

Summer issue reading period: December 10th-June 10th

Winter issue reading period: June 11th-December 11th


Send work here:

Usually response time is within 1-2 months, but life sometimes gets in the way. Please allow at least three months before checking on the status of your submission.

Thank you!



~Matina L. Stamatakis