Molecules of Tango (from Tango Reel)

I: Light Twists

Four pairs of molecules of a newly found substance will lead me to so far unheard of nano-circuits superconducting a field spotted with profiles and curls light twists

chiral asymmetries follow spatial handed-ness
light turns much like matter
a magnetic field trades

                        four pairs greet and bend

how does one protect the human from oblivion then
take me back to agriculture and craftsmanship
money is not wealth said Ibn Khaldun
trading can be tricky and corrupt

               could we still foster human need?

withholding goodwill or money or information or
compassion creates loss for all I say
profit relates to value he says
labor is commodity

            solidarity needs kinship not sovereignty

when we lost it were we:

-       lacking intellect?
-       brimming with pride delusion simplicity confidence anger?
-       recklessly roaming by evil or the accidental or?

we used to win with gods and sex and the muse
now faceless next to all we in state mode
breed luxury docility inaction
hope and wishes cindered

                     logic then is artificial says Ibn Khaldun

it’s unnecessary or no good say the Armenians
anbidan as in anbedk and common
extensions/tension the edges
scare take care
be well

feel your feet arms top of head your sacral
eel and the el stretch all lines as needed
love as focus or axis

“we suffer from the good” will disintegrate song
so will “the bad will get me” syndrome

                          a womb is howling

what level attribution would that be headlining
alterity’s threshold perhaps
the gamekeeper’s back
facing me

we are moving apilado as one but differently
rediscovered with each note and beat
here and there thoughts

within a self-generating morphology
a three minute affair we feast on
melancholy and joy cadencia
our bodies our lies

the contract love the power
lament and rebellion

then axis then a dip for intent
so one moves so the other
moves too

responsibility and surrender alternately push and pull
toe to heel bleeding the floor lingering over heart
over toes collecting the East the West
North to South never crossed

a reciprocity de salon l’abrazo
liquid new fantasia
archly apilado.

II: Mira Convert

We draw circles on the floor displace our feet gently
wrapping intent around pant-suited legs
thighs hooked but then you stop

                                             mira the mordida

                           I tip over into step

      the junta

we are there for the resumption
pure and simple (tamim)
the masculine

                non-gendered de salon

you withdraw space for a happening
magnanimity follows equanimity
but not fear

we’re soaking and softening the torah
dhamma and numbers

light and dark may be time related or not
is a sermon? is music?

prophecy heralds the Sun as it captures beauty
mira endurance and splendor
the covenant responds

Abraham and Isaac white and red under
an approaching wisdom will ready
at nothingness

supernal fullness and emptiness
expend time for more space
pace it for added time
from and with flesh

bared flesh as in open to power therefore
protected where time meets space
granted neither will bless me
more self is foreskin

                              more toss loss and labor
      full-ness at nothing-ness

we are dancing the principle
the purpose the prayer

after sabbaticals a jubilee prunes the unnecessary
clings to wounds further wound to wound
trades the magnetic

symbols we need to be clothed by defiled as if
full and descending into attenuation
the call unnamed and undeclared
concrete of the obscure
a beholding
                                         arid space

resistant to the reality of a beyond I grow into
while body slowly thinks for thought’s sake
leaves me alone

the ill-defined is suchly appropriated thank you
at no cost to me but I do pay the price I do
without viscosity or drag in suspension
I now of complete emotion
face myself
                                        the bind of space

as concrete facets of the obscure bind me
a parody’s paradox dissing
what’s un-thought
                                             the unfelt

open to receive the sublime out there ready for embrace
while I so keen on this or that lose sight
suspend suspense and expand

standing under insight I understand and tend to
patience upholding volition fully furnished
then fully provided for trajectory
restraining faculties
                                                     not transgression

virtue follows conscience not shame
ardor consumes defilement
neither stops at gain

I roughen the air to floor surface for more area
hence tension hence buoyancy
flight buildup
                                               I work you in

         visitor local passerby

many stories would illustrate history
if what we do and who we are

      al muallakat to al muwashshahat
  the hung ones the covered ones

neither are coined unless we move
along society’s sidelines

when politics and social discourse fail
truth oscillates as primary casualty
honors a war unknown to itself

to the hypothalamus abetting a set of optic nerves
so after light so intimately tracking darkness
such anbidan convert

take your body along so you can see without
immaterial fact as coups de theatre
seen without seeing
in custody

the love principle is a blur that durates
orientalism continually morphing
seeing hearing configurations
before after and around

               labor love trade

no retention is worth a second look
no epoch relies on terror no
deterrence on deception
conditionals jargon

the matter of space is extent
I must dance.