Inhospitable Jettisoning

A memory that is a story, but then some magical element.
One-upping the theorists before they can even get to it.

The fly, the key, unclear proper name reference,
"the gunwale unkisses faster,” ammo scuttled,
"adamantine resort.”

Looking back at the past, and what you hear.
The metaphor where we are all a horse.

An alibi, foxglove, doves who have been given permission.
A plangent river.

So that all children could have at last
what was ours, what was to be ours,
what will be ours///
but we, us///
will be no longer,
so it will be theirs.

[laborious happiness]
[idiom] that applies to [X] applied to [Y]
[prematurely grey] [hair] [slab of expanse]

Partially indoctrinated into the structure, but not quite.
Or given a structure, but none of the privileges.

Grenades and rockets,
metaphor for society,
but the individual
‘s path through society.

The seeming literalness of a metaphor
enjambed together with a sincere but flippant

Enact what you deserve.
Questions where the answer is clearly yes,
but not something anyone’s thought of.

You asked me how my theorem was,
I asked you how your mother was.

“The Usufruct of the Sparse”

Mythology but not a particular one.
“The day of doom universally misconstrued as a time of relief.”

An occasional I, an occasional him.

“I was depressed when I wrote that. Don’t read it.”

What sleep is.

As if memory must be renounced.

Post-Millenarian Tintinnabulations.

Then a list.

A memory of the mis-
step is not as bad as the mis-step
at the actual moment it happened.

Narrative story as just another fragment of the collage.

Your rival, your “double."

“Just be calm, don’t/rush, it’s all over soon.”

Reorganizing irregularities. What is hidden’s
explication. Roulades in italics.

[huge issues of the day] the casual allusion.
The future’s recognition of the lie, obscured.

The religious host needs a religious parasite.
It’s easier to cut than to fill in.

[the sadness no one will recognize]

Poetry that’s undermining poetry
’s anti-monument.

The Patagonian’s Love of Connections

The light patched up later, after the fact.

The conversational you, interjected.

Bright, snazzy, fabulous slowness, fantasticality.

[skipping a comma just to throw you]
The center disappears in the middle.

The furniture, what we walk around,
use’s communication
came to be seen, comes
to seam.

The abusive companion trope.

The light splitting apart our structures, mundanely.

Performing your life with no witnesses.

“Finally, the memory became an object.”

[extremely taupe] [barking low like a hiccup]


The poem must eat earlier poems.

“Invade each other’s privacy in a significant way.”

Postscript in invisible ink.

Personification of houses, air.

Naps as a metaphor for naps.

The glacier’s job done.