Mark Lamoureux


In Search of the Lost Dutchman Mine

Lich finger of a cactus
points at the eagle.
Alone under the blazing sun.
Play an old familiar tune
for the badlands & penetrate
the mountain.  Guarded
by rattlesnakes, the sanguine
river of a sunset.  Leonard
dons jeans for the great
outdoors, intuition
& Geiger counters.  Tambourines
for the electronic rush, the boom
lasts for two years.  
Suckertown perforated
by tunnels.  Dreamers without
mineral evidence
or motor vehicles.  Machismo
bureaucrat rides
into the superstition & returns
a skull.  Believe
in the common denominator,
looking for something
to do with your lucky walking
stick.  Dynamite seldom lies.
The blue stone & the white stone
for men & women, changing
your body & soul.  Do not touch
something you should not touch.

In Search of Martians

Kindled life;
the spark 
becomes intelligence. 

An insignificant cluster: energy
becomes matter, the infant sun
at war with itself.  

Cosmic holocaust;
the uncounted—a new mathematics.
A piano piece 
on the moon.  The canals 
were illusions.  
appears on Earth.  A blue skein
of life.   Two worlds
instead of one. 

Obeying the commands 
of scientists in Pasadena, 
Leonard regards 
the white-on-black 
of old science.  We the trees.
We the people.

Dexterity is amazing
through television eyes.
A mechanism to cover 
the inconclusive compounds.
Red forever & ever.
Earth is not immune.
Now a sawtooth wave
in an orbital habitat.  Settling
an old, old account. 
His ending merges
with his beginning
on the dusty plain 
of poverty of spirit.

In Search of the Secrets of Life

In ultraviolet light,
Kirlian phase shift.

The stuff of life
curves off into the abyss.

Incredibly complex twins
in a tree, a cell

scripts chromosomes
& a striped tie.  

Renegades switch off
under a blue laser. 

Beam sounds bisect
the frame.  So cooperative

are these bacteria. 
Glyph of a plasmid

on ice.  Automation 
will be used to map 

the life process of a fly. 
Leonard speaks of life 

in terms of molecules
& chemicals, free 

as a sculptor.