Mary Kasimor


dates end

today disappears again 
milk dates expire 
we left a month ago 
to relive the ending 
time is wasted
my voice is in the stone 
next to the door 
it is a science experiment
we are dusting off angels 
but i am alive 
those wild words do not need taming


ducks a mile rock aches   clung and ages span
daze bedazzled               toes tightening clasping
pills a bruise           ambles freely deer river
covering up             missed access to cups
television bowls   love and prescriptions meet 
over vodka      lips lounged     in mouths 
ink fused      another way       left out
thoughts     encroached   from theory’s want
rules for      regions acres                 desire
spit  whacking                  off attitude sews
connection    cloth             yet linen
or cotton    dust         collects animals 
china leaf     tea settles         the pot angst
the tea  sips lips    lace covers small tooth
exchanges    the turtle walking in percussion