AIR: a late Earth 1 commodity with several competing designer brands
See also: ash, city

ANCESTRY: a recipe often lied about, viral conjugation, a condition suitable for swamping See also: carcass, horizon, star

ANIMALS: mythological creatures associated with witches, goddesses, and magic, a brand name associated with Earth 2 cyborg domestic companions and fully programmable sexbots

APPLE: fairy tale poison, Earth 1 slang for any hand-thrown explosive device, also slang for any Earth 2 doorway to free will

ASH: fertilizer, contents of Earth 1 clouds, a form of currency, a common code word among Fire Cults in the post-disaster 22nd century

BARREL: an early form of vehicle, echolocation, a utensil to store children and the elderly during primitive space travel

BANK: an elaborate scam made possible by religious faith and spectacle, a method of stockpiling genetic material in order to bring about an environmentally based revolution (while several well known attempts failed miserably, there are dozens of successful reports from non-Earth planetary systems)

BEEF: any slice of meat once it’s been separated from a living human, believed to have strong supernatural divination properties
See also: cremation, horizon, suicide

 BLOWJOB: English language nonsense word

 BODY: a buzz around the message
See also: ancestry, convergence

 BRAIN:  often confused with a rudimentary computer enclosed in a skull, actually a system of enfolding and projection, most powerful and effective when left alone to improvise with open ended songs and stories
See also: garden, convergence, sleep

CARCASS: a sound sleeper, down tempo animation
See also: ground, gut, swallow

CHARACTER: mostly fluid, sometimes camouflage

CHORUS: an early form of mind control, Earth 2 slang for people who are consistently fashionable

 CITY: an accident of resources
See also: debt, hoodie, history

CONVERGENCE: a braiding pain near the door, just large enough for your head
See also: garden

CREMATION: the act of throwing the sun’s voice

DAUGHTER: often the answer, an important source of critique and inquiry, any rich representation of the multiverse which conceals 99% of itself

DEBT: the cavity of a war drum, an elaborate game associated with sadism and masochism
See also: bank, city

DEW: liquid debris left behind on organic matter, caused by shifts in temperature and humidity, occasionally used as a lubricant for time travel 

. . . . . . . . . .

GARDEN: a resonator
See also: convergence, ground, home

GHOST: the organizing principle hidden in meat and crystals, the simultaneous orgasm of 3 or more people

GOLD: any language infected with gas-based life forms, regardless of their intentions
See also: carcass

GOTCHA: a primitive horse-god associated with Earth 1 population in the 1940’s

GROWLING: an early form of flirtation

GROUND: death then compost
See also: body, smoke

GUT: a gathering of miniscule metabolic tribes

HISTORY: an itemized receipt, often weaponized

HOME: a charging device
See also: garden, convergence

HOODIE: a political statement, an adornment, a nest, a target, a shield

HORIZON: a trick of the eye repeatedly developed into a religious system popular with a wide array of Earth 1 cults


 . . . . . . . . . . . . .

SLEEP: a cloaking device designed to obscure activities vital to the resistance forces

SMOKE: matter alchemically focused on truth
See also: mask, ocean

STAGE: a lake, history, a convergence, a city

SUICIDE: voluntary but violent transition
See also: market

SWALLOW: fog, yellow, blue, grizzly country

SWANS: a decorative cover crop native to Earth 1, sometimes consumed by the poor
See also: fish, ground, ice