syllables awaiting coffee

when your window opens to the whitenoise
and the dented tincan sparkle of your
half awake awaits your breathing hears your
disbelieving teething exercises
honing words that bark across the page or
make a glancing dash below deck like a
steamship collar hot as doublecross- yer
twice as scared or is it fearful? meddling
in such indecisions can describe a
mind away as ergonomic urge to
blather like a bleating trumpet call
bleeding unexpected quivering in
fattened hemi demi semi quavers
double wide along the beltline
equatorial whispering flashing
fancifuls we’ll halve (we haven’t as of
yet). recall unanimous delight at
city streetlight bleaklight stalled against the
blue sky morning mood- a yellowed moment

when sunlight catches razor wire just so.