Vernon Frazer


Recording a Session

as blood clop hairs dispute
the world’s band as a shuck
heading the distended singer

refrains burnt ride forward
into the bloated broadcastings

hemming scribble
and graveyard requiems

once dome sessions
vacating poster cutbacks
surmise with crews

            or podium thresholds

(desk homicide scoreboard)

numb the spilling
of gadgets pronged
from tract
to traction

the spiky jam
passing sawed-up remains
without the horn

dictums sizzling hot
synesthesia erased
the addled mauling

even a throttle mix worth a listen

Fashion Showed

the cupboard show
rendered its carapace velvet
to flange involvement

a rumor clogs
radiant electricity buttoned

histrionic prickles

demon cantos
assure primordial wagers
in their official

parked documentaries transit alone

paranoid from overdress


next move
a mamba pastor wrenching textual
role malfunction

tubing past the malcontent

simulator panelist
baffling the unsettled
paragon peddler

passing the easy polyp


to reptile covenants


debt paroxysm
cans mad reflexes
terror denied

the unturned wrestle pose

devil zoning
retired faun
rainy limping

concealed debit seeding
infrastructure accent tributaries

a pedestal lost
meadow pharmacology

tailback thugs unsealed primers


moral thoroughfares
capturing suburban metabolism
reproof sable cures

baffling reflexes
assigned to detonate

over parasol telegrams

Canticle Begetting

as bones of any farmer
bound memory in landscape odds

the cramped scrape
delayed the burning

peccadillo cantor

in duplicate
blather and need

croaking a tilted workload


playboy gravel
drained heroes dry

no deference statement

turf vigilantes
pitted empty lifting

a fit enigma

when the sombrero beautician
in the fame dashboard

ferments gratification
sweating breathless nonetheless

the delay
four-posters of pinheads

                                    in buttonholes


a windscreen consort begins
undetected across conversations
where affection lists tincture

bitten secretary
gaggle clerk

slalom pliers
spilled the moment

(quadratic trio spun again)


no media’s tomcat
assessed joint thrillers

easy bargains
flagellate the spare trespasser

in weary miscellanies

as approved